L945 Custom Made to order Cotton spandex Casual Coat Wide Leg Pants Two Piece Suit Regular Size XS S M L XL & Plus size 1x-10x (SZ16-52)

L945 Custom Made to order Cotton spandex Casual Coat Wide Leg Pants Two Piece Suit Regular Size XS S M L XL & Plus size 1x-10x (SZ16-52)

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Material: Cotton spandex                      Condition: New with tags

Personalized:Yes                                                                                                                Brand: Handmade

Size Chart:  Regular Size XS S M L XL & Plus size  1x-10x (SZ16-52) 

Size (2):       XS    bust32- 34"(81-86CM) waist 26-28"(66-71CM)  hip 34-36"(86-91CM) 
Size (4-6):     S     bust34- 36"(86-91CM) waist 28-30"(71-76CM)  hip 36-38"(91-96CM)
Size (8-10):   M    bust36- 38"(91-96CM) waist 30-32"(76-81CM)  hip 38-40"(96-101CM))
Size (10-12   L      bust38- 40"(96-101CM) waist 32-34"(81-86CM)  hip 40-42"(101-106CM)
Size (12-14):  XL   bust  40-42"(101-106CM) waist  34-36"(86-91CM) hip 42-44"(106-111CM)

Size12-14) 0X  bust 38-40"(97-102CM)    waist 30-32"(76-81CM)    hip 40-42"(102-107CM)
Size(16-18)1X  bust 42-44"(107-112CM)   waist 34-36"(86-91CM)    hip 44-46"(112-117CM)
size(20-22)2X  bust 46-48"(117-122CM)   waist38-40"(96-101CM)    hip 48-50"(122-127CM)
Size(24-26)3X  bust 50-52"(127-132CM)   waist42-44"(106-111CM)   hip 52-54"(132-137CM) 
Size(28-30)4X  bust 54-56"(137-142CM)   waist46-48"(116-121CM)   hip 56-58"(142-147CM
Size(32-34)5X  bust 58-60"(147-152CM)   waist50-52"(126-131CM)   hip 60-62"(152-157CM)
Size(36-38)6X  bust 62-64"(157-163CM)   waist54-56"(136-141CM)   hip 64-66"(163-168CM) 
Size(40-42)7X  bust 66-68"(166-173CM)   waist58-60"(146-151CM)   hip 68-70(173-178CM)
Size(44-46)8X  bust 70-72"(178-183CM)   waist62-64"(156-161CM)   hip 72-74"(183-188CM
Size(48-50)9X  bust 74-76"(188-193CM)   waist66-68"(166-171CM    hip 76-78"(193-198CM)              
Size 10X           bust 76-78"(193-198CM)   waist68-72"(171-181CM)   hip 78-82"(198-208CM)

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